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I libri di Margherita: Anne of Green Gables

Title: Anne of Green Gables
Italian title: Anna dai capelli rossi
Writer: Lucy Mount Montgomery

Orphan asylum, Prince Edward Island, Avolnea, Bright River station, train, White Way of Delight, Lake of Shaning Waters, Green Gables, east chambre on the east.

Anne Shirley, Matthew Cuthbert, Marilla Cuthbert, Mrs. Spencer, .

Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are two siblings who live in Canada, Avolnea, Prince Edward Island.
They live alone, far from the lively village, in Green Gables farm.
Matthew Cuthbert is a silent, shy man of about sixty.
Marilla Cuthbert is a bit younger and very different.
She’s a tall, thin, rigid and brousque woman.
She can’t stay doing nothing and she doesn’t care about imaginatings and dreams or what people think of her.
Everything went very well when they were younger and stronger, but now they’re getting older and Matthew is too old to keep care all by himself of the farm.
So, after a lot of talking, they decide to keep a little boy from an asylum, who will help Matthew with the matters of the farm.
When the day of boy’s coming arrives, Matthew goes to the station to keep him home.
When he arrives, he descovers there’s been a mistake: from the asylum hasn’t came a boy, but a girl!
Matthew’s shocked: what should he do?
He has to think fast: he’s too kind-hearted to let the girl in the station, so he finally decides to keep her with him.
During the drive forward her new home, Anne Shirley – this is the girl’s name – tells Matthew about herself, her dreams and her hopes.
When they arrive to Green Gables, Marilla is surprised: they wanted a boy, not a girl!
She doesn’t know what she should do, she’s never had children and so she tells poor Anne they don’t want her and that she’ll return to the asylum.
Anne is in the dephts of dispair and burns in tears.
Marilla and Matthew talk about what to do with the unwelcome orphan: Matthew’d like to keep her, but Marilla wanna send her back to the asylum and keep a boy.
The next day Anne tells Marilla the story of her life.
Her parents died when she was a newborn, and she lived her all life in different families which didn’t want her and treated her badly.
She had been finally entrusted in an asylum, and she thought that she’d never been adopted when she had been told that a family wanted her.
That family was, of course, Marilla and Matthew’s one.
Even if Marilla’s heart’s old and rusty, she’s really touched by Anne’s speech: she finally decides that Anne can stay with them.
Even if Anne is very willing to be the best girl in the world, like every child she’s got faults: for example she always forgets things and puts herself in troubles.
Anne starts to go to the Sunday school, too, but she doesn’t like it at all: her companions never speak with her and think her crazy and the teacher is a boring, silly woman.
One of Anne’s greatest wishes is having a bosom friend.
When she meets Diana, a little, pretty girl of her same age, she understands at once that they will be great friends.
Anne starts to go to school, too, and there she knows Gilbert, a fourteen years old boy which makes fun of her because of her red hair.
Feeling hurted, Anne solemnly swears she’ll never talk with him again, but there’s something, between them, which could become a strong feeling…
What will happen to Anne, throughout the years?
If you wanna know it, read the rest of this story….

I liked this book very much.
I loved it when I read it as a child and I liked it better when I read it in English this year.
It’s a powerful, funny, simple and well-written story, whose characters could be found in everyday’s life, with their faults and their qualities, with their mistakes and their jokes, with their tears and their smiles, with their laughters, their feelings, their loves, hates, fears, sorrows and strong friendships.
Every character’s got thoughts, a heart and feeling of his own, which ar special and touching with their differences.
I liked this book ‘cause I smiled, cried, suffered and laughted at once.
There are great differences between the chapters: some are touching, other are funny, others are tender or sorrowful.
I liked Anne and Gilbert more than the others characters, because of their being so different and so similar at once.
They push and pull like a magnet do: they can’t live without the other, but when they’re together they quarrel.
This book is expecially for kids, but I think adults should read it, too: everybody should learn by Anne’s hope and faith in life and love, and learn to see the beauty of what we are sorrounded from.
I learnt a lot of things by this story and think that Anne’s a woman we all should learn something from.

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